ANVISAI always believes that “serve better” so started another form of Domestic e-service through our retail chain services to reach our goals directly to the needy consumers with aim of Right Time, Right Price, Right Availability and Right Quality must keep benefiting our customers..


“Hassle-Free Service” We believe that through innovation today, we will find the way to address the challenges of tomorrow. We will provide the best services to our clients to fulfill their needs.


We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures, As we pursue our purpose, we make a positive impact on the health of people around the world.


ANVISAI is a specialty IN EXPORTS & Imports ypioneer that provides access to Good framed life across the geographies. The company not only prefers high-quality products to the customers but also puts forward an online platform with Hygienic information and trustworthy reviewed by trading professionals.

Being an exporter, trader, wholesaler, and retailer of food products, the company believes in raising the bar every time with new ideas and strategies. To let our customers rely on us, we walk that “extra mile” and bridge the gap between hassle-free service provider as us and the buyers.

ANVISAI major roles are of fulfilling the demands from buyers has established its name well ahead of its competitors by broadening the range of products and choosing trusted manufacturers over others. 

Our highly efficient team makes sure that our customer gets up to date product efficacy from first supply to every supply. We possess strong expertise in managing the regulatory, logistics and supply chain challenges of sourcing, storing and distributing quality commodities.

We stand by our words and our promises. We offer timely deliveries according to the needs of our consumers.

We maintain topmost quality standards while manufacturing & exporting even in organic products with targeted and appropriate certifications from related authenticated Indian board’s certificate. We always bring the best products for you.

Beyond every activity undertaken by the professionals at ANVISAI, what matters to us is the way we look out to challenges and crack every pursuit.


Supporting the healthy living of the nation’s & Global people through distribution of QUALITY PRODUCTS,

With India’s shrinking and aging population, the needs of people for healthy and happy lifestyles are growing more acute.

In these circumstances, we at the ANVISAI Group are working as a social infrastructure company to support the reliable distribution of QUALITY COMMODITIES. Our job is to accurately and effectively align the thoughts of the companies that make products and the people who are trying to get the products they need.

Our goal is to optimize the supply chain as a whole, eliminating waste. We hope to realize a distribution system that is strong even when disasters strike, with a high degree of customer satisfaction, and we are striving to newly develop and nurture a broad range of innovations with a high degree of value to society.

The ANVISAI  Group aims to “contribute to people’s health and the advancement of society through the creation of distribution value,” by providing wholesale/distribution, export, services that are of safe and reliable value, responding to the needs of customers and society in any day and age. Based on this management philosophy, we hope to make additional progress along our path.

Buy From Us, We Will Tell You Why?

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